ANASA holistic breathing (reflecting the Greek word “ανάσα“ for breath, relaxation, breathing space) is a holistic breathing method, which allows one the transcendental experience of the integration of body, mind and soul by applying the energetic power of your breath. 

ANASA holistic breathing is a fusion of current scientific principles enlightened by elements of ancient Greek healing arts. The ancient Greeks were leaders in holistic thinking, viewing the world from an integrated point of view, where the well-being of both body & soul was a central character of Greek culture. Greeks know, that life is all about energy and well-being is all about maintaining the energy’s flow. Arising from this tradition, ancient breathing techniques occupied an important place in Greek life. Energy exercises in the sense of "holistic breathing" were even the order of the day.

ANASA holistic breathing integrates a variety of practices and principles that 

  • • release tension, 
  • • support natural healing,
  • • facilitate renewal and regeneration 
  • • and restructure internal systems.

The ANASA holistic breathing method combines holistic breathing with free fluid and energetic movements, music, sound, touch, visualization and meditation. This holistic approach aims to establish, maintain or restore balance for body, mind and soul by creating a full body experience.

ANASA holistic breathing sessions might incorporate exercises such as deep, connected breathing, guided breathing, and creative breathing as well as alignment exercises always accompanied by conscious breathing. Holotropic breathing (holotropic means literally “moving toward wholeness” from the Greek “ὅλος“ / olos = “whole“ and “τρέπειν“ / trepein = “moving in the direction of something“) creates dynamic breathing spaces. It connects directly to the cathartic breathing practice of antiquity and serves to move us towards wholeness.

Thus, our breathing becomes a potent force for wholeness and health. It animates the flow of energy. Physical and energetic blockages are solved in the long term. At the same time, we are given the opportunity to overcome personal impediments to a healthy and happy life and live to one´s full potential.

Breathe - and trust the process!





For many years I have been supporting people with different forms of movement, expression and body therapy, always based on holistic breathing as its main processor. I have been trained in various methods and techniques of holistic breathing.

Over the last years I developed ANASA holistic breathing as a holistic breathing method. It´s a fusion of contemporary forms of holistic breath work enlightened by the ancient Greek art of breathing established by Hippocrates.

My work always centres the human being and aims to create safe holistic breathing-spaces within which self-healing capacities may unfold from the inside out. It would be of great joy to me to facilitate your journey, discovering the secrets of your breath and its potent healing powers.

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