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Through our CATHARSIS individual cure (Ancient Greek: κάθαρσις = purification or purgation or clarification) arrangement you will be able to experience the Ancient Art of Healing tailored perfectly to your individual needs. Within the framework of our Holistic Healing Centre, we offer a combination of various treatments and practices that focus on your innate personal constitution. The basic principle of our individual cure arrangement is to prevent illness by maintaining balance and harmony between your body, mind and soul.

The Ancient Art of Healing is not merely a system of healing but an entire way of life that aims to establish a perfect balance of the entire human being.

The temperate Mediterranean climate of South-West Crete and the powerful healing nature of Sfakia support your healing journey and enhance the effect of your individual cure particularly well. 

To allow the healing effects of the individual cure to unfold, we recommend a duration of at least 4 days. As a licensed travel agency we will be glad to arrange a custom-tailored travel and accommodation package for you to provide an overall relaxing and healing experience.

Please contact us for further information.

We will take personal care of you!

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