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Cultural Centre

Cultural Centre

Our cultural Centre ESTIA Sfakiá is located in beautiful Chora Sfakion’s old harbour. At our Centre, we focus on the understanding and appreciation of the three great columns of Cretan life: “Vivid Tradition“, "Powerful Nature“ and "Healthy Life“. 

Vivid Tradition

We support and cultivate native crafts while focussing on traditional production methods. In addition, we are committed to the vivid music and dance tradition as an important cultural asset. 

Powerful Nature

We dive into the secrets of nature and its healing powers. As responsible visitors of this traditional region we respect the breathtaking and powerful nature, preserve and protect it.

Healthy Life

A healthy life is what most of us strive for. Taking good care of body, mind and soul is ingrained in Greek culture. Using the energetic power of your breath, remembering the ancient art of healing and following the Cretan diet, we invite you to experience the greek way of well-being!  

Our event and seminar programme offers a diverse and uniquely beautiful Cretan experience, which connects and inspires people through this many faceted journey. 


About Us

We founded ESTIA Sfakiá to create a space within which a connectedness between people and cultures, between body and soul can arise. Our aim is to promote and maintain Greek tradition, nature and culture within the framework of a holistic cultural centre that respects community needs. ESTIA Sfakiá strives to implement sustainable tourism that preserves local tradition, promotes healthy living and protects nature.

Savina Chamalidis                         Thomas Chamalidis

(Founder and Manager,                                   (Founder, Intercultural Communication) 

ESTIA Sfakiá, GR - 73011 Sfakiá)

About Estia

Estia - the essence of everything

In ancient Greece, Hestia (Greek Εστία, pronounced Estia) was revered as guardian of the hearth fire and protector of the home. As a pre-Hellenic goddess, however, she was worshiped much earlier. We assume she has had an important function since then, when people began to cultivate a central hearth. Only when the hearth of Estia was consecrated, this place was considered sacred and became home.

The Fire of Estia

The fire of Estia transforms food into nutrition, it nourishes and entertains.

In addition, she is the goddess of the state herd and the sacred fire in the temples. It is the eternal light that never goes out. Pythagoras describes the fire of Estia as the center of the earth. So she embodies home, the "center of the world" of each human and is associated with the inner light, or the inner fire.

Estia does not symbolise fire, Estia is fire - and thus the essence of all things.

Our Network

Giorgos & Giannis Fasoulakis - Lefka Ori, Cretan Cuisine 

Manolis Fasoulakis - Organic Farming (Olive Oil, Herbs, Honey)

Papa Thanasis - Orthodox Priest

Stavros Kouris - Captain

Nektarios & Eftychis Kostakis - Musicians

Sifis & Nikos Amiradakis - Coaches & Taxis 

Alkis Kyriakakis - Coaches 

Hotels Xenia, Lefka Ori, Stavris, Alkyon, Samaria, Lyvikon, Anna Suites 





Our cultural centre is a dynamic and vibrant company. We want to keep you up to date and share the developments and changes with you.

In addition, you will find in our blog colourful impressions of our trips, events and offers that may give you a little insight into our activities.

Enjoy the sparkling fire crackling around the hearth of ESTIA Sfakiá.

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