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HOROS healing dance is a holistic dance therapy based on traditional Greek dance.

The modern Greek word horos (“χορός“) means dance, whereas the ancient Greek uses the word in multiple ways - e.g., to express dance, a dance stage, a square, or a group of dancers participating in a comedy or tragedy, even to encompass the idea of cosmic dance: the unceasing, swirling movement of the universe, from microcosm to macrocosm. 

Traditional Greek dance in a sense extends outward to reach the cosmic - to find purpose in the unity of dance and music alive in this world. According to it’s origins in ancient times,  the understanding of dance was not limited to a rhythmic movement of man, but extended to all the living rhythms of nature. This means an understanding of nature, the whole cosmos as a dancing phenomenon.

We developed the holistic dance therapy HOROS healing dance in the quest of reconnecting to music and dance as means of healing body and soul. Our aim is to share an authentic dance experience with all of its original energy and depth with you. 

Beyond the mere conveying of dance steps and seminar contents, our endeavour is to create a holistic space that supports physical and emotional release and facilitates a genuine sharing of personal experiences between people and cultures, as well as between body and soul. 

Deeply ingrained in tradition, 

Greek dance enables you to root, rise and unfold in the present.

Our holistic approach enables you to internalise the healing qualities of the dances and to establish, maintain or restore the integration of body, mind and soul. 

You will immerse yourself in the spiritual dimension of the ancient rhythms and melodies and at the same time encounter more about the mythological, historical and cultural background of Greek dance. 

It is a great honour for us to share the secrets of danced European tradition with you and to gather step by step all the wisdom that traditional Greek dance provides for us.

Dance - and reconnect!

For a unique HOROS healing dance group experience view our annual programme.  

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