In Sfakiá

In Sfakiá

The region of Sfakiá, with its main village Chóra Sfakíon, is a very special part of Crete in the southwest of the island nestled at the foot of the breathtaking White Mountains. The harsh and dramatic landscape of this area is softened by olive trees, tamarisk trees, pines and the musical chimes of sheep and goat bells.

Sfakiá, lapped by the Libyan Sea, is perhaps the most pristine region of Crete. This untamed nature has instilled a hardy spirit in those that make this rugged place their home; yet a generous people, whose hospitality is proverbial.

Welcome to Chóra Sfakíon,

where the White Mountains meet the turquoise-blue Libyan Sea,

where a pleasantly pleasant island climate invites us and the Cretan hospitality benevolently surrounds us,

where the soul can find a home in its yearning for peace and strength,

where we leave the everyday life behind for a while and breathe in the shade of the olive trees and breathe deeply and resonate with the rhythm of the place and the island.

Human & Nature

Chóra Sfakíon is a typical traditional village with 265 inhabitants. In the heart of the village is a small, central fishing port, around which numerous cafes and taverns provide excellent service.

The special atmosphere and nature of the Sfakiá are also clearly reflected in their fauna. Sheep, goats, eagles and griffon vultures characterise the image of the mountains and gorges. For many years, these gorges, which gave the region its name (Sfakiá = the rugged), were the only way that connected the mountain villages with valley and sea.

A Spiritual Walk: “The 100 Churches of Sfakiá“ 

The town of Chóra Sfakíon is well known for its multitude of churches and chapels, which reflect the Cretan tradition of gifting “donor” churches to the community by well-to-do grateful citizens. So let’s go explore the village, wander through its neighbourhoods, and search for the legendary 100 churches of Chóra Sfakíon.

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