We dive into the secrets of nature and its healing powers. As responsible visitors of this traditional region we respect the breathtaking and powerful nature, preserve and protect it by hiking mindfully.

At the seashore, we sway in the embrace of the ocean. The vivid rhythm of this elemental nature allows us to breathe and feel truly alive. The rhythm of nature seeks freedom and provides us with wings to get loose and fly, freeing our minds. 

The White Mountains (Lefká Óri) promise one thing above all else: peace and solitude. The largest massif in Crete, in terms of area, is home to the only mountainous desert in the Northern Hemisphere, with spectacular gorges, strangely shaped conical mountains, magnificent views of the Libyan Sea and untouched, wild nature. And above all, golden eagles and griffon vultures, the largest birds of Crete, make their way majestically.

The special atmosphere and nature of Sfakiá is also clearly reflected in its fauna. For many years, these gorges, which gave the region its name (Sfakiá = the rugged), were the only way that connected the mountain villages with valley and sea.

With NATURE mindful hiking we invite you to resonate with the natural rhythm of the ocean, sway back and forth like a branch in the breeze or let the power of the White Mountains take you to a different world.

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