Olives - Miracles of Nature

The Olive Tree

Characteristics such as longevity, resilience, ability to regenerate, frugality, modesty, generosity and immortality make the olive tree a powerful symbol.

With its warm and indestructible charisma, it gives fresh courage, hope, zest for life and life energy. It strengthens the roots and the reference to the ancestors and allows access to the power of eternity.

The Olive Harvest

From September, olive growers are eagerly awaiting the autumn rains after the summer heat and drought, so that a rich olive harvest can start in November. As recommended since ancient times is harvested when the fruits go to the black. The subsequent transport to the oil mill takes place as soon as possible after the harvest.

Olive Picking

Together we want to harvest olives and follow their processing step by step.

In addition, we go on a journey through time from the beginnings in Minoan times to today's modern olive growing. The olive culture was yesterday as today of central social and economic importance. To understand this, we delve into mythology and history around the olive culture.                                              

Oil Mills - From Past To Present

Even in times of modern agricultural technology, Crete still has oil mills that use traditional methods of oil extraction.

In Gavalochóri, we find a mechanical oil mill from the 17th century with a solid, round bottom stone and a rim-shaped granite upper granite. Nearby, on the site of the ruined monastery of Karídi, are the remains of a mighty oil mill with domed arches.

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