Traditional Craft

We support and cultivate traditional crafts while focussing on sustainable and traditional production methods.

Soap Boiling - Creams and Soft Soaps


Olive oil soap cleanses and builds up the fat coat of the skin. Traditionally produced, it is free from preservatives and perfumes. It has antiseptic properties and by phytochemicals, a.o. Oleocanthal, an anti-inflammatory effect. Fragrant ointments from plant macerates not only have cosmetic significance, but also relieve discomfort. 

We get insights into the art of soap-making and the production of natural care products and ointments based on olive oil.


Distillation of Essential Oils

Plant Forces for Body, Mind and Soul

Fragrances are the breath of nature. Traditionally, all-natural essential oils are obtained by steam distillation. In ancient times, the Greeks developed distillation plants that perfected the extraction of oils. The use of essential oils as a healing or perfume looks back on a long history and tradition.

We want to create natural ethereal fragrances and experience them with all our senses. We follow the distillation step by step - from the plant to the essential oil.

Handicrafts & Loom

Weaving is a craft that was once handed down from generation to generation. That was at a time when almost every house in Crete had a loom. Weaving was as important as cooking. Every family tried to live as self-sufficiently as possible. Cretan weaving is known for its vivid colors and richly decorated patterns.

In addition to geometric patterns with a diamond as a central motif, we also find flowers, animals and people or scenes from the Cretan history woven.                          

Instruments Maker

A few instrument makers still exist in Crete. In their workshops they produce the Cretan lyre and lute, but also mandolins and violins, as well as Bouzouki and the Cretan bagpipe Askomandoura with great love and skill.

When looking into the workshops, the layman quickly realizes how much effort and experience, but also love and dedication, are necessary for the production of such sounding works of art.

Traditional Pastry

Sfakianí Píta - Workshop

The most famous culinary testimony of Sfakiá is Sfakianí Píta, a crêpe-like píta stuffed with cream cheese. Take flour, salt, water, olive oil and anthótiro. A few loving hands, a pinch of experience, patience and a little time.

Together with Kyrá Vangelió we will make the traditional pastry under her guidance according to a family recipe. All it takes is to roll up the sleeves and plunge into the dough pleasure.



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