Traditional Music

Traditional Music

In addition to the dance tradition that is kept alive by all, local songs and traditional musical instruments are handed down from generation to generation. The music is determined by the simple, harsh and constantly driving sounds of the Cretan Lyra.

It is these very special sounds that are able to carry us away, to pack us, to fill us completely with Crete, the feeling of freedom and lightness.

Rizitika - Workshop

In a Rizítika workshop with the two Cretan musicians Eftychis and Nektarios Kostakis, we combine the power and depth of the "root songs" that originated in the Lefká Ori (White Mountains) of Sfakiá.

A tradition that is still a living part of people's lives, especially in western Crete, expressing their deep attachment to their homeland.

Mantinades - Workshop

Mantinades are the love poetry of the people, seals of the moment and the foundation of Cretan music and culture. 

   Καλώς ήρθαν οι φίλοι μας               We welcome the friends,

   και κάμανε και κόπο,                       who took on a lot,

   κι ´ρθανε κι ετιμήσαν                       to honour our place

   τον εδικό μας τόπο.                         and finally came to us.

With their 15-syllable couplets they not only form the traditional song and lecture form since the "Erotokritos" by Vintsenzos Kornaros. Already in antiquity rhymes and poetry were an integral part of the Cretan culture.

Rhythm - Workshop

As part of a rhythm workshop, we want to get to know his lute as a main rhythm instrument together with the well-known Cretan musician Nektarios Kostakis, to experience the rhythms of the island and to make creative rhythmic experiences.

In addition, we immerse ourselves in the spiritual dimension of the ancient rhythms, melodies and songs and connect with the force fields of nature.    

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